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What Drives Us

To understand the ending at the beginning

Our purpose is to empower our partners to understand the impact of a decision before that decision is made… to know how it ends.

Core Values

Mazzaroth subscribes to the following three core values.


Honoring commitments is paramount to our clients and to Mazzaroth’s culture. We do as we say and accept accountability for our actions. We strive to be honest in all our dealings, in our approach to our work, and in all of our relationships with our stakeholders. Loyalty pervades our culture. We endeavor to always act honorably toward our employees and clients and will accept no less in return.


Inspiration and creativity are critical parts of our DNA. Approaching challenging problems in innovative ways is one of our cornerstones. We are not in the business of handing over reams of statistical data to our clients. We are in the business of building creative, rigorous solutions that produce measurable results.


We relentlessly aim for perfection. Those problems that many consider impossible to solve are the very ones we are most interested in solving. To us, brilliance means never being afraid to question and improve upon the work we do. Brilliance is discernment, recognizing patterns in complex, often chaotic environments. It is understanding the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

At Mazzaroth, we are laser-focused on results. That’s why we work with our client partners to measure and analyze the value we create.