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Our Team

Vladimir Perovic, PhD

VP Data Science and Principal Machine Learning Systems Architect
Vlad has been working as a research scientist in the fields of machine learning and bioinformatics since 2001, with his recent research focused on developing software for automated gene annotation using novel machine learning models. His technical expertise are in the areas of data science, bioinformatics, digital signal processing, evolutionary algorithms, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, fractal analysis, game development, and AR/VR technologies. Vlad has authored 30 scientific publications, one international patent, and one software patent. For his doctoral thesis, he developed the first multifunctional bioinformatics software platform (EIIP/ISM) in Central and Eastern Europe, which is still actively used today in national and international research. This platform enables analyses of the structure and function of protein relationships, assessment of biological effects of protein mutations, monitoring of functional evolution of proteins, and “de novo” design of molecules with targeted biological function and selection of candidate therapeutic molecules. Vlad also has over 15 years of professional experience as a senior software architect, and has been involved in the development of training simulator software for air traffic controllers and several interactive games (including two games broadcast on Serbian national television networks from 2005-2007) and AR/VR projects (including two GearVR apps exhibited at the International Belgrade Book Fair in 2016). Vlad received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Belgrade with a perfect GPA (10.0/10.0).