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Our Approach

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“Users of Big Data and analytics that use diverse data sources, diverse analytical tools (such as predictive analytics), and diverse metrics are five times more likely to exceed expectations for their projects than those who don’t”.

Source: IDC
Advanced artificial intelligence systems
Proprietary and non-traditional datasets

Mazzaroth enables our clients to see and understand the patterns that link strategies and processes directly to financial performance, in time to shape and influence outcomes, not react after.

To ensure that our solutions generate maximum-value insights, Mazzaroth’s data science paradigms are always developed for each client’s specific vision and use cases and to leverage their expertise and knowledge.

Designed by and for industry practitioners, our advanced analytics technologies reduce uncertainty before decisions are made, optimize resource and capital allocation, and drive quantifiable improvements in performance.

We help our clients navigate complex capital allocation and risk management decisions. We excel at improving business decisions defined by some/all of the following characteristics:

    • Often depend on subjective judgment or assumptions

    • Intractable problems with few or no satisfactory commercially available solutions

    • Outcomes often exhibit power law distributions

    • High information asymmetries between participants is possible

    • Outperformance from an analytics perspective necessitates development and construction of deep, sophisticated datasets and specialized modeling algorithms

We specialize in “difficult to solve” challenges in financial asset pricing, media & entertainment creation & distribution, and corporate strategy/product/marketing decisions. We invite you to review our work in these areas.

Our clients seek an innovative approach to determining whether a new project, business venture, product idea or investment or trading strategy is likely to have a desirable outcome before they make substantial commitments of capital and resources.

Our ideal partners are those who identify with our core values and with whom our technologies and approaches are likely to yield improvements in economic outcome measured in hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a given year.

Mazzaroth’s mission is to deliver the potential of artificial intelligence to solve our clients’ business challenges.

At Mazzaroth, we are laser-focused on results. That’s why we work with our client partners to measure and analyze the value we create.